The Latin Beat Takes Over For Fahad linear unit. Mohamed Mohy - Summer Time

Fahad could be a renowned music producer, music arranger and celebrity among the music world. He virtually worked completely for Amr diab and Angham for years. currently he's stepping out the shadows for a brand new single for the back however standard Mohamed Mohy. Fahad could be a huge deal that his name comes before the name of Mohy during this track. currently each artists ar engaged on their own albums, however they took a chance o record this attention-grabbing song.

"Summer Time" releases within the Fall, however still it is a song all the cool youngsters in Egypt are shaking their heads to. i favor it's Latin beat, and no matter alternative exotic musical parts they need thrown here. i assume this might be a trifle of white boy popular music genre. you may hear English, Spanish and Arabic during this breezy track. Fahad is singing in English here. The song are in associate album project assembled by Fahad. i believe this might be a pleasant musical revolution within the zombie like Arab pop.

I like Fahad, he has given U.S. such a lot of hits--he is that the guy behind the curtain United Nations agency mixes some sick beats and produces music that creates one's ears happy. So far, we tend to currently apprehend Samira aforesaid can have a song within the future album, Khaled Selim can sing a Gulf song, and Mohamed Adawieh can sing once more together with his pa. New comer Asma can show U.S. what she has.

Composer : Fahad
Lyrics : Sphinx Last Frontier - Nour Eldein
Arranger : Fahad
Production label : GrooveRecords
Summer Time single from the GrooveRecords future album - expected to be free before the top of 2014.

Fahad ft. Mohamed Mohy - Summer Time - فهد و محمد محي

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