Will One Direction Malik Zayn Be Fasting This Ramadan?

I was wondering being a Muslim, will the One Direction band member and super awesome dude Malik Zayn (Zayn Jaweed Malik) be observing the Muslim Month of Ramadan. I mean will be be fasting? If not because of his faith, it might be due to his respect to his heritage.

The net seems to be going crazy about his faith, some American loon have even accused him of "pimping Islam". I think people like that and others who do not thing he is a good Muslim miss the point.

He is a British Pakistani But, give me a break, here's what online commentarot had to say about Malik's being a lousy Muslim:

He is by name but he doesn't follow the guidelines of Islam. Islam prohibits smoking, drinking, dating and such and he has, unfortunately, strayed and gone and done those things. It's sad to see such a good person go off like that but it is what it is. May Allah guide him and show him the Light.
Zayn Malik is a Muslim British Pakistani and he is proud of his religion view. Malik once tweeted ""La ila ha ill allaho muhammed door rasoolalah" which means he believes in Allah and Muhammad.

In Ramadan of 2011, he was reported to have fasted. He has a good personality as a muslim. In the first day of Ramadhan he tweeted in his Twitter account "First day, who's fasting?". Those are evidances that Zayn Malik is Muslim, not that he has anything to proof to anyone. Religion should not be put on public display.

For skeptics of Malik's faith, here are few things to consider:

  1. Malik Zayn is young, and full of life
  2. He has an image to protect. His business image does not have to his personal life.
  3. He is the son of a different culture, so his practice does not have to be a carbon cop of what some guy in Pakistan calls "proper Islam"
  4. Some of his fans, don't care about his religion and in exchange he should not try to preach to them about his personal life and his faith.
Malik is not famous because of his religion, but because of his music and personality. So, I say keep on keeping on...and your religion is your business.

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