Mohammed Assaf‎, The Palestinian Winner Of Arab Idol?

The young Gazan who appeared on Arab Idol was a welcome guest on Arab Idol, the judges received him warmly, and saluted him. That's even before he opened his mouth and sang, when he did she owned that room and had a freaking YES from each of the judges who had nothing but love for this young top gun.

I do not know how far Mohammed Assaf‎ will go on Arab Idol, I know this if he shows the same level of talent and skill in the audition, he is going home with the trophy  He chose to do a song for Abdel Halim, and he owned it. Assaf has been a local artist in Gaza and it took some miracles for him to be on the show--he had to go to Egypt first for the audition and had to do a convincing job over there.

I have been watching the comments on this young fine Palestinian talent, and I am seeing many fans out there for him--thanks to his skill first and the sophistication of the Palestinian media. Going forward Mohammed Assaf‎ has to give his best and always his best. He may compete and win the title but it won't be easy. He has to figure out the best songs for him and has to make the judges happy.

Assaf has already recorded half a dozen songs, some for Palestine and some romantic songs, the showing he had ar Arab Idol has made a lot of people happy. Hope he won't have an off day next time. Welcome to prime time.

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