The Most Famous Arab Celebrities' Scandals أشهر فضائح لفنانين وفنانات العرب

In American they have sex tapes, recorded voices messages, and driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. They also have one star who likes to steal things, and there are many who go to rehab to address problems with drugs, alcohol, and exhaustion.

Let's visit Arabia and see what the Arab stars have for us in store, it seems that with the spotlight, so many Arab stars get caught in scandals or trouble with the press.

  1. A leaked video of Nancy Ajram at a beauty shop where her privates where being taken care of by a professionals. This was bad and we still love Nancy... 
  2. Egyptian dancer turned actress, had a leaked sex tape with her husband--on papers, not a real marriage. They were in the bedroom doing the nasty and it was a vivid video that shocked the Arab press for which Dina wore the head cover for a while.
  3. Lebanese TV personality, singer and actress, Rozan Al Moghraby was the star of a privet video where she was around a lot of beer and performing sexual acts on some dude while joking and teasing. This has torpedoed her career.  
  4. Lebanese super star and media darling had pictures of her in bikini by the pool side leaked to the internet and off course who does not want a little peak? 
  5. Egyptian actress Ziena, was a guest of a TV show when her dress got tangled and her dress came off a bit revealing her bra for everyone to see.
  6. Syrian singer and TV personality was a guest of Star academy, doing a song when her tight jeans got ripped from the front in the middle of her segment, revealing a prime real estate.  
  7. Egyptian actress trying to be singer Mena Fadaly had a birthday party and it was a crazy party attended by so many celebrities, Mena's pictures leaked to the press and the pictures revealed too much, and humiliated the singer and most of her parting guests. That was a big deal.
  8. Kuwaiti singer Jawad Al Ali cannot catch a break, while a guest on a live she, come dude called in and called him gay and asked him to perform an act of sexual nature. Poor Jawad, that must have been an awkward exchange.   
  9. Moroccan singer, Laila Ghofran--an other wise great vocalists was the star of a video where she was doing a steamy dance bit and sitting on her boyfriend (friend who is a boy) feet.
  10. Lebanese singer/actress Marwa was doing an appearance at a primer of one of her movies, and the fans outnumbered what her guards can handle and it was reported she was harassed--some stupid people out there blame the dress she was wearing.
  11. Again Lebanese Marwa was the star of a leaked footage from one of her movies where she was almost naked in the shower--this was a big deal later year. It seemed that the director leaked it and since then Marwa has been cleared.  
  12. Egyptian actress Hanan Turk was caught in the middle of a scandal with prostitution and all that,  I think she served jail time, then it turned out she was innocent and the whole ordeal was a set up.
  13. Tamer Hosny sang for Egypt and how much he loved it, then it turned out he forged documents to get out of the military service. He cliams innocence and that he was tricked into doing that. He did a jail time and since then he has been a tool for the armed forced in Egypt.
  14. TV host Hala Sarhan had guests on her show who claimed to be prostitutes in Egypt and they have given so much details. The segment was a big hit and upset a lot of people. WE are told later that Hala hired some actress to pose as hookers. Hala would flee to Dubai and stays there until the Mubarak regime fell apart
  15. Egyptian actor and activist Khalid Abu El Naga was the star of a video where he was marrying one of his lady friends on the beach--I do not know what this one is a scandal.
  16. Libyan singer Ali Hamida was arrested for molesting a little boy in Egypt and he served time in jail, he would be a nobody after he once was the hottest boy of Arab pop in the 80s. He certainly had the coolest hair. 
  17. Star Academy and its participants had a lot of scandals about footage for females changing clothes and males and females getting cozy with one another. See the video below.

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