Why Arab Idol Needs Mohammed Assaf (محمد عساف) To Win

There's a skinny Palestinian guy from Gaza on Arab Idol, and he is making all the news. The judges love this very talented guy. He is a super star and no one can take this from him. His voice is so strong yet so tender. The question is, will he take the title back to Palestine?

He seems to be the best voices on the program, and I have heard and seen a lot of other talents who are very talented, but none of them has the back-story like Assaf does. He is not supposed to be on the show, but he made it and did he dazzle the fans?

Tell you what while he was on the show, he gave many people around the Arab World a reason to smile at those dark times. While far too many Arab states are seeing murder and fear upon them, None has seen it for as long as Gaza has. All suffering is painful, that does not make it easier. But Assaf is a rare talent, he is from a different bread. You give him a song and this guy brings it back to live and puts so much effort to entertain and stay loyal.

He clearly has blown away many Egyptian when he first performed that Abdel Halim song, he was the bomb. He got four yeses from the critical judges. Then he moved on to Lebanon where he did some of their better known songs....and you can see the Lebanese judges were speechless and handed him all the yeses they have.

I will watch him and will speak-up if he had a bad day, but so far out of the three songs he has covered, he won fair and square. There are 27 other talent on the show, I can see him being a finalist and a contender for the title. See him take on the stage and do his bit--it was the toughest part of the song and he did the high and low notes so well--it was a riot.

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