Amr Diab 2014 Album "Shoft El Ayam" CD البوم عمرو دياب - شفت الايام

Amr Diab returns this year with an enormous album--he remains with Rotana and therefore the album comes with eleven tracks. Arguably, this can be their biggest unharness. And a bit like last year's Amr Diab album, it forever gets leaked. No plan however they are doing that, however the album leaked before the discharge date. Rotana has to take a glance at their model and figure it out. i do know alternative artists  Rotana is strict with them, however this can be Amr Diab and he will things his manner.

This album sounds just about just like the one last year--which may be a sensible factor. New topics, new music and standard team. Amr Diab has by contract to unharness a brand new album once a year. He will concerning twenty concerts a year and breaks the bank as every of these concerts sell out. He additionally appear to try and do personal events.

The music trade in Egypt is appealing to General Sisi to try and do one thing concerning music piracy....I tell you, he won't do something concerning it. He needs the youth to be busy on-line. the instant these guys aren't any longer able to pirate music and films, they're going to be within the streets walking.

One of the songs is known as when one among Amr Diab's own daughters. this can be a flirty album with wisdome on love, romance and crushes. once you have done everything below the sun, it's no straightforward to prime your past work, however Amr Diab still makes sensible music. It migth not be as glorious because the oldies, however have confidence it for those who square measure simply discorvering Amr Diab, they still

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01 - Shoft El Ayam
02 - Gamalo
03 - We Hatebtady El Hekayat
04 - Ana Mosh Anani
05 - We Neesh
06 - Mosh Gedid
07 - Saet El Forak
08 - Jana
09 - Kan Kol Haga
10 - Aiwa Etghaiart
11 - Aho Leli We Adda

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