HaifaWehbe Stars within the initial sexy Adult Film (Video) فيلم هيفاء وهبي حلاوة روح

To her credit, she isn't the sole one guilty here. Haifa Wehbe has the desire to reveal plenty of skin in exchange for an honest add of cash. The producer and low-life Al Sobky family place up the money, and therefore the backing for this sexy adult film. For them it's business, not art and definitely not freedom of expression.

Now the larger blame is on the audience World Health Organization can shell greenbacks to check such movies at the cinema house. they're going to speak smack concerning the picture, and therefore the stars, however they're going to race to the movies to check this film in shame and discreetly. Look Haifa is often a wise business girl, this can be why most of the leading males stars square measure disbursement the majority of their time leering at her and treating her sort of a piece of meet--not somebody's bring with a soul. and so they surprise why most molestation in Egypt. that sort of sanctioned culture wherever males behavior of molesting and harassing ladies is OK is dangerous.

Another issue that's distressful there have been twenty seven lines within the picture that were tossed out attributable to their screaming sexual nature, what makes it worse is that these lines were delivered within the youngsters World Health Organization seem within the film ( a sample "دي مره بنت ..." و "يا وسخة" ). The film has been cleared for screening however just for adult audience--which in Egypt is selling ploy. in contrast to different countries wherever minors got to show associate ID to enter R rated movies, in Egypt, you tip the usher few pounds and you're in. The film can unharness to theaters on Apr eighth 2014.

Not each one is pleased with the film, variety of activists have voiced concern concerning this film--they referred to as it sexy and not medium or creative. this can be a shame that in Egypt, you're not  allowed to create or screen a movie concerning serious topics, however films concerning sex square measure quite welcome. And yes, there is nothing Egyptian men love quite a Lebanese woman World Health Organization is willing to strip for them and show them her body parts--sadly, they assume all Lebanese females square measure like that. this can be popular culture for you. Haifa spends the majority of your time sporting attractive garments and taking part in on her bed alone and at the side of different ugly, bald and fat men.

I did screen the preview to variety of Western picture buffs, and that they were aghast such a raunchy picture would come back from a conservative place like Egypt. Even within the States, this can be thought-about associate adult film. As acting Haifa will her best taking part in a job of a convincing Egyptian gal--when many at leisure and capable Egyptian actresses sit reception.

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