Assi Hallani Sings And Talks Politics

According to one Lebanese newsperson for Aljadeed network Ymna Fawaz reported  that the capital of Lebanon International flying field detained the Syrian operatic star ANd activists upon her come back from a visit to Europe wherever she picked as an peace ambassador in Dutch capital. As of immediately, this news has been confirmed by Annas' Assala's brother.

Airport security had Asalah listed on the Interpol list owing to a claim created by the Asian nationn government wherever they accuse Asalah of "Collaborating with the enemy" Asalah doesn't have several friends immediately not in Syria and not in Lebanese Republic. however she was invited to require a part of Star Academy.

According to Hoka, Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia was detained, questioned and once few individuals and distinguished individuals referred to as in, she was leaving behind. The flying field official taken over her passport and set her free. Now, we all know that Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia has [*fr1] a dozen passports she could be a national of Asian nation, Bahrain, Egypt, and therefore the States.

Assala has been within the line attacked Syria's president, and supporting the revolution and therefore the regime modification. Her political stands place her at odds with members of her circle of relatives.

Assala - Shakhsia Anida [Official Video] شخصية عنيده - أصاله

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