The Most merry (And Coolest) Arabic Music Video--Saad Lamjarred!

The big boss is that the title of this song from Moroccan hit-maker and contemporary songs issue Saad Lamjarred. Saad will have a sole album to his name and a dozen singles, he additionally includes a variety of versions for few of his songs. currently he returns to new material with associate degree upbeat and colourful music video that may cheer your soul.

Sure thing that Morocco could be the foremost colourful Arabic speaking country, they're terribly guileful folks with a powerful appreciation for his or her cultural heritage. Saad attracts from that cultural and musical reserve for his new hit. the topic of his song is "LM3ALLEM" that caricature we have a tendency to all grew up with--the huge boss United Nations agency will nothing.

Saad Lamjarred doesn't do a similar issue double, and he's a real pioneer of Arabic pop  His beats ar sick and his lyrics ar afire. to not forget his lean figure, his smile and his outfits that create him a singular pop star with the foremost attention-grabbing fan base. I appreciate his daring vision and also the contemporary set of eyes he has.

Not sure, however there ar several mixed parts in his music video, cool, hip and stylish folks from everywhere the globe. What a treat, this is often however Arabs ar cool, Saad Lamjarred includes a heap of teach the likes of Jad Shwery United Nations agency tires to drag similar music videos. United Nations agency doesn't like this wife United Nations agency is creating garments and diversion. this is often a real Moroccan celebration of colours and designs placed on show for the whole world. you recognize you likes these ancient outfits. and the team behind the song and music video is totally Moroccan.

This is why {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very short time--less than forty eight hours since unleash, 1,000,000 of us have seen this music video and also the counter continues to be ticking. It's wonderful the space this Star Academy alum has traveled

Saad Lamjarred - LM3ALLEM ( Exclusive Music Video) | (سعد لمجرد - لمعلم (فيديو كليب حصري

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