The Mean World Laughs at Elissa's Embarrassing Pronunciation! #Mawtini

Elissa has ne'er done a heavy song regarding something however love. Last week she felt the urge to try and do a patriotic  song from a well known Palestinian literary work written within the 30s! i like her well and celebrated her selection of songs.

It looks i used to be within the minority here as many folks took issue with the Lebanese opera star pronunciation of the song's main word (Mawtini) The jokes started running in. The laborious T vs. the sexier softer t. It looks Elissa couldn't do the laborious T or was unwilling to travel the space. I didn't assume it had been an enormous deal, however it looks i used to be wrong.

I like the official music video is shows ISIS sorts, foreign terrorist organization and Israeli violence against Arab individuals. The song conjointly showcases Asian nation and Egypt and few Gulf pictures to measure up to feel smart theme regarding the state. i believe the correct issue to try and do is re-record this song since Elissa is such an enormous player and that i would hate for this song to be tousled for the generations.

Now in different news,  a young Palestian artists did an equivalent song last year and he attained praises kind the web. Murad Swaity is currently charging Elissa to possess copied/stolen an equivalent piece from his song (you be the judge) i favor each artists, however Elissa is that the larger name here and then so much she has refused to touch upon those allegations. i believe this song ought to bring North American country along and not divide North American country.

Elissa - Mawtini [Official Music Video] (2015) / اليسا - موطني

موطني مراد السويطي 

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