"The Good People" By Nader Nour Hits The Mark @NaderNour

Nader Nour is best celebrated for his music wherever he composes millions of hit pop songs in Arabian Peninsula. Years ago, he took on singing and it worked well for him. Nader is back with a brand new single regarding the nice people that do the correct issue. It seems like a good hit to begin the last leg of the summer.

The song is catchy and Nader sounds comfy with the song. It's amusive and looks like a song that have legs to travel places. within the past songs like this have done well and Nour bests himself with this unleash and permits a lot of folks to induce to grasp him higher.

This song may be a 1st promo from Nader Nour's coming album, that ought to land fairly before long. In different news Nour got married in November of last year and it had been a really non-public event.
Nader Nour_El Nas El Ged3an - نادر نور nine الناس الجدعان

Production: EWE Music Production
Lyrics: Ahmed Alaa El Deen
Composed By: Nader Nour
Arranged and Mixed By: Ahmed Ibrahim
Master: Mohamed Sakr
Guitar: Rocket
Bass Guitar: Ahmed Ragab
Tabla: Ahmed Ayadi
Rek: Hesham El Araby
Violin: Saeed Kamal
Accordion: Wael El Nagar
Nay: Reda Bedair
Clarenat: Hamouso

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