Sandy: smart Song, Random Music Video @SandySandystar

Sandy had an honest album last year, it absolutely was a milestone in her career and it had lots of various things to several of her young fans. apart from music, Sandy keeps her fans excited by maintaining one amongst the foremost active social media profiles. I mean many footage and updates.

So the young artists simply discharged a music video that she created on the fly in a number of these ocean resorts. It appears a 1 camera operation. It's unclear if this is often in Egypt or aloof from it, i feel it isn't in Egypt.

Sandy goes for the easy lady on vacation. this is often one amongst the higher song son her album, it is a lady song wherever she contains a crush thereon pretty boy. I likeable the song, I simply don't get the music video it' will nothing for the song. Good song, and a music video that has nothing to try to to with the particular song.

The most high-ticket issue regarding the music video is that the whirlybird pictures maybe.

Sandy Roho Ololo - ساندي روحو قولوله

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