Two Songs For #Gaza #Assaf And Rashed AlMajid

These are not new songs, they are songs recorded in the past for Gaza, Palestine. One comes from Mohamed Assaf, the Arab Idol who is from Gaza. And the other is from beloved statesman of Gulf music Rashed AlMajid--he released in 2009 after that huge Israeli aggression on Gaza.

I do not know if songs help change anything, but the help heal, they provide a cooling affect in some minds as they feel helpless trapped under indiscriminate shilling. It seems the Arab regimes are mum about what goes in Gaza, I look at you jerks who are running Egypt at the moment--in 2012 the president of Egypt sent his Prime Minister to stand in solidarity with Gaza, the current regime won't even open hospitals or send ambulances.

Back to the Assaf song, I do not think it's a classic, it's a throwaway song, Assaf needs to make a better song, something tells me he mightbe working on one already.

جديد محمد عساف | مبروك نصرك يا مقاوم

يا غزة - راشد الماجد | فيديو كليب 2009

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