Pray for Egyptian singer @amrmostafa he is losing his mind #GazaUnderAttack

Wacky Egyptian composer turned singer turned political commentator turned idiot Amr Mostafa is at it again. He started attacking other Egyptians--the revolutionaries of January 25th in 2011 and 2012, then he turned his venom on the Muslims Brotherhood group in 2013, but in 2014 he is going beyond the borders of beloved Egypt. This time he is going after Palestine and Gaza in particular. Amr is a delusional nationalist who thinks Egypt thrives by closing its borders and suppressing the youth and people with different views.

Now in a series of posts (rants) on Facebook, Amr is telling Palestinians under indiscriminate killing in Gaza, that he won't go to war for them. He thinks we are trying to get the Egyptian army involved in some war with a country he loves Israel. In his mind, Israel is the friend and ally, and Palestinians and Hamas are the enemies. He goes further and attacks those who offer solidarity with follow Arabs in Palestine. He tells people of Gaza, "we are used to the blood and gore in Egypt", we are no longer feeling your pain he says. These attacks take place in the month of Ramadan when Muslims are supposed to stand in unity, but Amr Mostafa is his own prophet. He is also attacking Egyptian anchors for sympathizing with Gaza--he does not want to hear anything about Gaza.

I do not understand why would be start attacking Gaza and be in the company of right-wing extremist Israeli government. There are Israelis who are against the war on Gaza, but to see an Egyptian "patriot" for the war is a first. I am afraid he is sensing that the war on Gaza is embarrassing Mr. tough guy General Sisi and showing him as a fraud when he was quoted saying "Any Arab country that needs us, it will be a matter of commute for us to be there"

He is where Amr Mostafa and his likes are wrong:

  1. Palestinians do not want a handout from Egypt, they just want the government to stop trapping them with the closure of the Rafah Crossing. Palestinians are not coming into Egypt, they are merely passing through to go some other place.
  2. Palestinians do not want people to go to war on their behalf--they do fine all by themselves with no help, they are now scaring the fifth biggest army in the world.
  3. Amr Mostafa equated Gaza with the Muslim Brotherhood and since he hated these guys he finds it shameful to care about what they cared about out of pride and stubbornness. a flawed logic.
  4. Not every one in Gaza is Hamas, so he does not have to enjoy this too much.
  5. There are thousands of families in Gaza who are Egyptian citizens--they have been so for generations.
  6. Not everyone that is being targeted and killed is from Hamas. Kids are losing their lives.
  7. Egypt has always supported Palestine in words, at least since 1973. If that offends you, then you may need to change your therapist.
  8. The affects Gaza and Hamas are exaggerated by people like you--Gaza is not a threat to Egypt and no they are not part of some "secret" plot to take over Sinai.
  9. Hamas is not ISIS as you cite, they actually never get along.
  10. A strong Egypt is good for everyone--go talk to other Egyptians about divisions. Fascists like you know nothing of civil conversation. Perhaps he should go talk to the Gulf countries now who control piece of Egypt now with their many investments mega projects, allowing them a say in Egypt's national discourse.
  11. God bless Egypt for its people, go rebuild a country and stop blaming others for your problems
  12. We will pray for you and our family.....may God help you find some goodness in your heart.

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