Meet The Kick Ass Jordanian American Drummer @The_AlaaAR

For a guy who likes Western music, Alaa A R took a big leap and drummed an Arabic song. He chose one with a bit of Western beat and flavor for the proactive Egyptian pop sensation Tamer Hosny. Here's how Alaa A R saw this song:

"I have never (in my 16 years of drumming) thought I would ever jam to an Arabic tune. Honestly, I really felt like experimenting on this specific track, and personally, I think it turned out great. I really enjoyed the process that turned out to be really challenging for some reason."

I know there's an active indie and alternative music scene in Amman Jordan, people travel to appear in such music festivals and attend some of a musical experience so rare in the region. Not clear how Amman was able to be the Arab capital of alternative music, but nonetheless it seems to have done a good job.

See Alaa's drumming skills and enjoy this show....a start would be to listen to music that has great drumming. But Alaa reproduces the song as he has the essential to making his own beats. He keeps a steady rhythm flowing. Drummers are about KICKING SOME ASS. Drums are powerful, glaring, unmissable, crude, bulky, clumsy, inappropriate, primal and AWESOME. The person who masters the unwieldy cylinders must own these traits. No wimps allowed. Drums are not for the faint of heart. Play the melodies in your head, make up your own style, no matter how simple or complicated, and you will kick plenty of ass. Alaa does it here

Tamer Hosny ft Snoop Dogg - Si Al Sayed (Drum Cover by Alaa A R)

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