"Tabassam" By Mesut Kurtis Is Worth Every Dollar! @MKurtisOfficial

Here's to a handsome young and talented vocalist whose voice is all about doing good and inspiring Muslims world-wide. Mesut Kurtis just released his album, something of an event that should be celebrated from this hard-working musician with a heart of gold.

His new album "Tabassam" and my new music video "Rouhi Fidak" (I'd Scarifice My Life For You) about our beloved, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Here he prays that Allah accepts this humble effort for His sake alone and that it is blessed, and I hope that you will like the new album. What he is not saying is to answer critics who think he is in it for the vanity. While these things come with the territory Mesut is one of the rare talents actually contribute to world peace. He titled his album "Smile" to remind people it's important to do that. In fact, smiling in Islam is an act of charity.

While he lived and prospered in the West, he finds himself bored inside a board room meeting. It's about the inner peace. Too much pressure in his life, and he decides to seek refuge in the lessons thought by the prophet of Islam. This is not his first song where he declares his love for the prophet, his debut song talked about the very subject from a different aspect.

This song is a lot more relaxed than his previous songs, but it works well for his style and calm voice. He searches for a mosque and then finds peace inside one as he prays. His song is in Arabic, even though Arabic is not his native tongue. The album features 12 tracks of spiritually uplifting material that's actually awesome.


Mesut Kurtis - Rouhi Fidak | مسعود كُرتِس - روحي فداك

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