Hayat - I Forget the World حياة - بنسى الدنيا Bansa el Dunya

Hayat - I Forget the World

When you hands touch me
And when you make me feel your love
And lips whisper to me words of love my darling
And when you eye grabs me and you take me tenderly
And you spin me around in the embrace of your heart my darling
I forget the world and listen to you
And my soul leaves and returns to you
And I miss you even when I'm with you
And I long for you even when you're beside me
And I sleep and awake with your love
I have nothing in the world but your love

My darling when you are beside me in the embrace of my heart I miss you
And there is no one but you, my life, who has felt me
Maybe you always be with me
Come on get close and reassure me

حياة - بنسى الدنيا

لما ايديك بتلمسنى وبحبك تحسسنى وشفايفك بتهمسلى كلام الحب يا حبيبى
ولما عينك بتخطفنى وبرقة بتخطفنى وتاخدنى تلففنى فى حضن قلبك يا حبيبى
بنسي الدنيا واسمعلك وروحى تروح وترجعلك
وتوحشنى وانا وياك واحن اليك وانا جمبك
وانام واصحى على حبك مليش فى الدنيا إلا هواك

يا حبيبى وانت جمبى فى حضن قلبى وحشتنى
ومفيش غيرك يا عمرى حس بيا وحسنى
خليك دايما معايا يلله قرب ضمنى

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