Hasna - Look Look حسنا المغربية - شوفو شوفو Shofu Shofu

Hasna - Look Look

Look at my darling everybody look look
He who torments everyone look look
We live the most beautiful feelings whenever I see him
His love is in my eye and on my mind

He has my laugh and love
Saying the most beautiful things
I love his craziness and his arts
I melted in his passion

Look how pretty his eyes are look look
His love makes everyone crazy look look
I ask myself who am I whenever I see him
He who makes me lose my years look look

حسنا - شوفوا شوفوا

شوفوا حبيبي يا ناس شوفوا شوفوا
يللي ملوع كل الناس شوفوا شوفوا(2)
معايشني فيه اجمل احساس كل ما بشوفوا
حبو على عيني و عالراس(2)

عندو ضحكي حبي بتحكي احلى كلامو
بحب جنونو كل فنونو ذبت فغرامو

شوفوا عيونو شو حلوين شوفوا شوفوا
حبو العالم مجانين شوفوا شوفوا
بسال حالي انا مين كل ما بشوفو
يللي مضيع مني سنين شوفوا شوفوا

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