Haifa Wehbe - One of a Kind هيفاء وهبي - ما صار Ma Sar

"Ma Sar" which means literally "did not happen" is a tricky title but basically when something is "ma sar" it means nothing like it has ever existed before. So Haifa says literally my darling never was, ie there was never one of him before, meaning he is one of a kind. Also, I should indicate that this song is quite racy for Arabic music.

Haifa Wehbe - One of a Kind

Darkness night and day
Burning secrets
And my heartbeat says 'put out the fire'
The whisper of love has started the journey
And a new candle says 'put out the fire'
Tonight, oh night, what should I say?
My love is unbelieveable
Love, my eye, with a single glance made my night longer
I want from you is a promise of your night
Of bliss
Tell me I love you
Tell me more
Make me hear you
Make me lose myself
Ignite me

My darling is one of a kind
My darling is one of a kind

هيفاء وهبي - ما صار

عتمه ليل ونهار
عم تحرق اسرار
ودقت البي تقول طفي طفي نار
همسه حب ودار
من كلمي المشوار
وشمعه جديده تقول طفي طفي نار
اليل ياليل شوبدي قول
حبي مش معقول
الحب ياعين نظرة عين خلا ليلي طول
اللي بعرف منك وعد ليلك هنا
سمعني بيعني ولعني

حبيبي ماصــــــــــــــار
حبيبي مــــاصـــــــــــــــــــــار

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