Haifa Wehbe - Let Me Coddle You

هيفاء وهبي - تسمحلي ادلعك
Tesmehly Adallaek

The best translation for this song's title to convey the general connotations in English would probably be "Let me be good to you" however I've put here the word coddle to point to the specific cultural idea being expressed in Arabic. The crux of this song is the idea of "dal3 (دلع)" which means "spoiling" or "pampering" or "coddling." The idea might seem a little, although not too strange for English speakers in the context of love, but basically from what I understand of cultural contexts, it is the act of a person, typically a female, being extremely and almost excessively kind to another, often a male, just like the mother coddles her son. So when Haifa says she wants to "coddle" or "spoil" her man, that means she wants to say really nice things to him and do everything he wants and be nice and flirtatious with him.

To give a better sense of what exactly this idea entails, as a side note, this word "dal3 (دلع)" is also found in the phrase "ism dal3 (اسم دلع)", which means "nickname" or the name we give to people to indicate additional affection, just like in English when we call someone Chrissy (please don't) instead of Chris.

Haifa Wehbe - Let Me Coddle You

Let me coddle you
Take my heart and don't give it back
I want to tell you everything you've never heard before me

Hey handsome, hey honey
You have a one of a kind personality
Hey sweetie, hey gorgeous
With you, my darling, life is so easy

I'm gonna keep on feeling my love for you
When I look in your eyes I just melt
I'm gonna stay this way, my darling, for years and years
Really, if I didn't coddle you, sweetheart, just who would I coddle?

هيفاء وهبي - تسمحلي

تسمحلي ادلعك خذ قلبي مني مترجعهوش
انا عايزه اسمعك كل اللي قبلي مسمعتهوش

ياجميل ياعسولة يا شخصية ماتتكررش بسهولة
يا لذيذ يا شرباطة معاك ياحبيبي عايشة الدنيا ببساطة

انا هفضل احس بحبك بس وادوب في عينيك
هفضل عالحال ده يا حبيبي سنين وسنين
ما انا لو مش كنت يا اجمل حب ادلع فيك
امال يا حبيب القلب حدلع مين

ياجميل ياعسولة يا شخصية ماتتكررش بسهولة
يا لذيذ يا شرباطة معاك ياحبيبي عايشة الدنيا ببساطة

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