Haifa Wehbe - I am Haifa

هيفاء وهبي - أنا هيفاء
Ana Haifa

The lyrics to this song might not seem to make sense, and believe me, they don't make much sense in Arabic, and they are not really intended to. It is just filler for Haifa to say her name and dance in my opinion. For some reason, there was a trend a few years ago in which all the different Arabic pop singing girls made songs where they inserted the word "ana (أنا)", ie the pronoun for "I" or "me", into all the songs like a hundred times. I honestly don't know if they were all written by the same guy or what the deal is. I suppose it is supposed to be sexy when they women say "ana" non-stop, because you don't hear this type of thing in songs performed by males. If you want to go deeper, I think that it is considered sexy because it makes the girls look completely dumb and shallow, and draw attention to themselves, which is definitely the marketing used with some of these female Arab pop artists.

Haifa Wehbe - I am Haifa

I am Haifa
Who but me?
My heart is afflicted with beautiful eyes
Dance me
Spoil me
Your darling is me, but who is she?

Don't play around go tell her, my darling
Me and everyone else know
I'll tell her, my darling
My nights are bliss
My darling is with me, but who are you?

هيفاء وهبي - أنا هيفاء

أنا هيفاء أنا
من غيري أنا
قلبي اللي ابتلى بعيون حلوين
رقصني أنا دلعني أنا
حبيبتك انا بس هي مين

ما تلعب جلا روح
قول لا إلها حبيبي
أنا والناس عارفين
يا بقلها أنا
أنا ليلي هناء
حبيبي معي بس انتي مين
من بيبي أنا
أنا هيفاء أنا
يابيبي أنا والناس عارفين
أنا هيفاء أنا
من غيري أنا
حبيبك أنا مين غيري مين

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