Iraqi Simor Jalal From The Voice Retruns With A New Single

The Voice contestant Simor Jalal, the young and friendly Iraqi vocalist releases a new song with the catchy title "Your Love Is Civil (Sophisticated)" He sounds like these super emotional Iraqi artists whose voice has about 5000 years of civilization backing them up. While another Iraqi took home the title of the Voice, Simor took back with him the memories, the connections, and the name recognition.

Simor actually studied music in Iraq in the year of 2004--a tough year where he learned to play four instruments among which is the oud and the violin. Simor joined the Saber Robae team on the Voice. But you know what he is actually able to sing in seven different Arab styles and dialects and he is able to sing in Turkish as well. so here's Simor, invite him into your life.

اغنية سيمور جلال حبك راقي 2014

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