Amal Maher Catches Fire, Goes Down In Flames For "Seket El Salama"

Here's a sizzling promo for AN coming music video for the proficient and sweet Amal Maher. am passionate about it or hate it, she discharged a popular album period of time past and also the fan base is galvanized. positive the album didn't have as several songs because the one previous, however still it's lots to supply. Amal and he team at Mazzika is aware of selling and currently we tend to have a glimpse of what nonetheless to return.

Look below at this music video and see the new and improved Amal Maher once obtaining nonetheless another hip makeover. We recall in 2011 she saw another makeover that turned her into a fashion runway model with chic style. currently in 2015 she ditches that and goes for the casual and classy look. i need to say there's a bold defy what Amal Maher should appear as if.

I like her coiffure, and also the few outfits she sees. Aside from Amal Maher it looks like there is some cool things that can seem on the music video. In my book this music video can build the case that Amal is aflare and she or he is here to play and to contend for the amount one spot. Even her alternative of songs to film tells ME, she desires to be that upbeat and pop star.

Seket El Salama presently - Amal Maher سكة السلامة قريبا - امال ماهر

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