This Album Is Different Black Theama Returns From The Dead

Black Theama bank is not a band that likes to play it safe. Often times, they go the uncharted route and it does pay. The authentic band from the deep Egyptian south returns with a sweet album that allows each of the three vocalists to expresses themselves musically. From the get go, the album starts off dark with the cover art that speaks of reconstruction or nightmares maybe.

Two track in and he album finds its groove and the funk is out of the bag. I love the variety here in all aspects of the album. There's rap too, but none of the  14 tracks repeats itself. They tackle different themes and stories. Each songs has an impressive cover art that animates the song and helps create that feel. Sure, there's love, distance, country, God and everything in between. I like the humor that appears every now and then like in "Enta Fakerny Hendy".

The trio that makes Black Theama deliver a solid album that will cheer them fans up and get them racing to record stores and concert venues. This is how you make an Egyptian music album, wide range of styles from Nubian rhythms, reggae, hip-hop, and R&B, to music with other African influences.

Amir Salaheldeen, Mohamed Samy, Medhat Ali have a lot to be proud of for making this record.

01. Enta Fakerny Hendy
02. Kebert
03. Weenik
04. Kol Mara
05. Ousso Ousso
06. Set El Hosn
07. Lays Laha Mady
08. Akhbar Ahram Gomhoreya
09. Omaret El Nas
10. Ya Beban Ya Aliah
11. Ala Shut El Neel
12. Ya Prince El Layaly
13. Koun Saied
14. Ghawy Bany Adameen

Black Theama - Set El Hosn | بلاك تيما - ست الحسن

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