The interesting history of Egyptain family band 4M


It was a family band formed in 1979 by Ezzat Abu El Ouf, the Egyptian actor who started as a singer. But he is also a physician by training. If you were born in the 70s and early 80s, you would know for this the 4 M band. Mona, Maha, Manal and Mervit, making the 4 Ms in the 4 M band. Ezzat's name is actually Mohammed. The sisters all graduated from the American University.

At first they started doing a cool and fresh cover of popular oldies, and the did very well. then they took on their own fun songs, and that left us with few memorable original tracks. They released 8 albums, one of them is a disco one. Ezzat left the medical profession to focus on the band, and they took part of many music festivals inside Egypt--their first was in the city of Alexandria.

4 M takes credit for introducing Mohammed Fouad who joined the band in 1982 and sang live with them for the first time in his professional life. They band separated with its members started to get married one after the other.

for more videos and history on the band in Arabic, click here
فرقة فور أم .. أنا كل ما قول التوبة

ذكريات زمان - دبدوبة التخينة - فرقة الفور ام

4m الفور ام الليله الكبيرة - طار في الهوا

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