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 Samples are here

Elissa is preparing for the release of her latest album with Rotana...other than having an interesting cover art, the album will not feature two of her biggest collaborators in the past. It seems she lost some serious talents that gave her some of her better songs and most memorable hits. I think this will be a good album, it sounds like she is the same again and that's not too bad. Rotana will market the hell of out of this album, here are the two composers who won't be collaborating with Elissa on this album.

  1. Marwan Khoury who hated fighting with Rotana over his rights and payments. He got sick of them and asked them not to include his song on Elissa's album. Marwan is still cool with Elissa though. Rotana talked back and said they do not care about Marwan or his song. This is a big loss for Elissa as Marwan knows how to make a song perfect for Elissa.
  2. Mohamed Rahim shared on his Facebook a post where he denied that his songs were removed from Elissa's album. He said, that he did not even record any songs with Elissa, and stated that he chose not to work with her from the get go on this album. He did not say why he chose not to collaborate with Elissa this once, but he wanted to make sure we knew he was not eliminated. 
The album will have 14 tracks and it's already available for pre-order on iTunes. Samples are here I am not too happy about the timing of the release, Israel's brutal war on Gaza and Ramadan do not help, it's also insensitive.  

Elissa - Hob Kol Hayaty (Sample) 2014 / جديد اليسا - حب كل حياتي

Elissa New Album Samples - Halet Hob 2014 / سيمبلات البوم اليسا - حالة

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