Watch: Cairokee Ft. Zap Tharwat Bring Down The House

Appearing as guests on the popular and provocative news satire show with Bassem Yousef, those artists brought down the house. Cairokee is the firm believer in the power of the people of Egypt and what they can do. Zap knows how to entertain one's senses and deliver some of the finest raps. Their latest collaboration offers an entire platform for alternative music, the Arab world has never met before.

Together they have put forth a song about holing one's ground, a call to the activists and the idealists to hold their ground. You call for justice, they call you a lowlife. Amir Eid (Vocals, Guitar) did a very fine job with Cairokee, he has taken it from a small garage band into the headline making band. Activist through music is nothing new, but Cairokee has a lot of stories to tell.

Not only does the band make great music that is capable of impressing even Western audience, they also find heart-filled lyrics. Zap brings his A game, he is Egypt's biggest rapper--and perhaps biggest household name. Zap keeps his eyes on Egypt, but he has never forget about Palestine. They want you to be an alternative person...he raps. Zap has also tackled issues of drugs with another singer, he seems to be opne to working with any star whom he shares a message with.

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