Karim Mohsen, The Egyptian Pop Kingmaker

Funny how life works, Kareim Mohsen had a boy crush on then hot record artist Tamer Hosny, he  chased him down and hoped to work with him one day. Tamer gave Karim a shot and listed to his amazing melodies. Tamer would become one of closest friends in the business. Tamer would work with Kareim Mohsen and get his best and finest melodies. Karim would even appear in a number of films for Tamer Hosny.

Karim becomes one of Tamer Hosny's entourage member. Karim branches out and gives some of his melodies to other names in the pop business. Karim would go on and make his own album, months before Egypt starts a historic revolt. Tamer Hosny's stocks drop, and he is no longer the mega star he once was.

Karim Mohsen would keep quiet and tried to push his own record, he does many concerts in universities and malls around Egypt, and he would press on as a composer for the young voices striving for something fresh and dancey.

His first hit came in 2006, after the release of his hit single Yalla Maa El Salama with singer Shady. But Karim wanted something more so he began by composing many hit songs for various Arab singers such as: Waeid Aalia for the Egyptian singer Zizi Adel, He also composed Kan Feen Min Bardy for Khaled Selim. Karim became more prominent as a singer, actor and composer after his collaboration with singer Tamer Hosny. In 2008, Karim worked with Tamer on his "Haeesh Hayati Album". Karim composed four songs: Kol Ely Fat, Taaba Kol El Nass, Haeesh Hayati and Beyhsedoni Aaleek. He also composed the English song "Come back to me".

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