Madeline Matar - Why Are You Fronting? مادلين مطر - بتلون ليه علي Betlawwan Leh Alaya

This phrase "betlawwan 3alaya" means "coloring on me" literally but what it means is some like "you are misrepresenting yourself to me" or "you are acting differently on the surface than how you really are," in this case meaning that he is hiding his feelings. He's putting on a fake color in other words. I translate this as "fronting" or "putting on a front."

Madeleine Matar - Why Are You Fronting?

Why are you putting on a front?
And telling me that I'm not on your mind
Even though you always come and tell me what's with you
And the color's changing when you tell me and describe your condition
I describe you my condition and then you do it not paying attention

What's with you?
Whenever I tell you something you turn left and right (like he's not paying attention)
Wake up the desires or I'll tell you let them sleep
I won't ask you again do you love me or who?
Where is all the affection you have for me?

Do you remember what you are?
Have you forgot or what?
Forget the delusion you're in
That's it, it slipped from your grasp

You're still resisting me
Tell me what's befallen you
You cauterize my heart and leave me in the fire of your torment
Then why are you coming back changing what you say?
I wish you'd be clear with me and like this as much as your passion (meaning she wants him to act in a manner befitting of his passion)

مادلين مطر - بتلون ليه علي

بتلون ليه علي وتقول إني مش في بالك
مع إنك كل شويه تجيني وتقلي مالك
وتلاقي اللون متغير وتقلي وصفلي حالك
أوصفلك حالي وبردو بتعمل مش واخد بالك

طب مالك كل ما قولك حاجة تلف شمال ويمين
طب صحي الأشواق ولا قولك خليهم نايمين
مش حسأل تاني انت ل عشقتو أنا ولا مين
وبتيجي حبيبي تحن علي كل فين وفين

إنت فاكر نفسك إيه نسيت ولا إيه
إنسى الوهم ل انت فيه
خلاص راحت عليك

بتعاند لسا في طب قولي ايه ل نابك
وتقوي القلب علي وتسبني لنار عذابك
طب ليه راجع بتغير يا حبيبي ليه فكلامك
خليك واضح ويايا وخليك كده قد غرامك
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