Kazem el-Saher - Peace Be Upon You (Iraq) كاظم الساهر - سلام عليك على رافديك Salaam Aleek

Kathim el-Saher - Peace be Upon You

Peace be upon you
Upon your two rivers
Iraq of values (The word Iraq in Arabic is related to the words for roots and veins. I'm keeping it as Iraq in the translation but know there is a sort of double meaning going on)
You are a sanctuary, fortress and home to all nations

I pray on your behalf all the time
And wipe away from you the worries of time

My beloved, why do I see you sad?
As this pain squeezes your heart

Here glory led the way, prayed and fasted
Pilgrimaged and toured paradise (Dar el-Salaam means paradise or heaven but it is also an epithet of Iraq)
Baghdad wrote the glory of the greats
And the inkwell never went dry

Peace to the lade where presents and perfume flow
Nurtured by the blood of the martyrs
Like Hussein and those of Karbala
They went to the glory (of god) tongue and mouth (? meaning standing up for what they believe i dunno ?)

The Iraq of science and river of literature will remain a heritage for all Arabs
And remain a mother and father for glory
And a garland of love for the good of the nations

؟؟؟ and Babel
The covenant of belonging
To the cradle of civilization and the prophets
Honored with the name of the Lord of Heavan
To remain more glorious and precious knowledge

كاظم الساهر - سلام عليك على رافديك

سلام عليك على رافديك عراق القيم
فانت مزار وحصن ودار لكل الامم

اصلي لأجلك في كل حين
وامسح عنك هموم السنين

لماذا اراك حبيبي حزين
ويعصر قلبك هذا الألم

هنا المجد أم وصلى وصام ، وحج وطاف بدار السلام
فبغداد تكتب مجد العظام وما جف فيها مداد القلم

سلام لأرض تفيض عطاء وعطر ثراها دم الشهداء
فهذا حسين وذي كربلاء ، الى العز صارا لسانا وفم

عراق العلوم ونهر الادب ستبقى تراثا لكل العرب
وتبقى الى المجد أما وأب وإكليل حب لخير الامم

باور وبابل عهد انتماء ، لمهد الحضارات والانبياء
تشرف بحمل اسم رب السماء لتبقى اعز واغلى علم

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