Hayat - I Don't Want You Anymore حياة - مبقتش عايزاك Maba'atshi Aayzak

Hayat - I Don't Want You Anymore

I, I... don't love you anymore
I, I... don't want you anymore
I no longer care about all this passion and talk
Every day in a different state and I can't live in 100 different states
I mean you can from this day on consider me having forgotten you

My heart was not in your hands and you were the one who was cruel when you showed me
I loved and you didn't reciprocate
Why was my love nothing to your heart
Why are you even coming back asking
No no I won't waste a second, a second with you

What is your intention?
And why this love?
My heart was alone while I was living beside you
What's new with you?
Get out of here
You've never been sensitive like this
Where were you oh you who forgets me when, when I adored you

حياة - مبقتش عايزاك

انا انا .. انا مبقتش بهواك
انا انا .. انا مبقتش عايزاك
انا على الغرام دة وع الكلام دة مليش طولت بال
كل ويوم فى حاله وانا استحالة اعيش بميت حال
يعنى تقدر من النهاردة تعتبرني نسياك

مش كان بايديك قلبىوانت اللى قسيت لما شوفتنى حبيت وبقيت بتتال
كان ليه كان ليه قلبك يهون عليه حبى دلوقتى ليه راجع بتسأل
لا لا مش هضيع ثانية .. ثانية واحدة وياك

ايه قصدك ايه قوللى والحب دة ليه يللى كان قلبى وحيد وانا عايشة جمبك
ايه الجديد عندك خليك بعيد يللى بقيت رقيق كده مرة واحده
كنت فين يا ناسي لما .. لما كنت عشقاك

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