Fairuz - Oh Mayor of Mayors - فيروز - يا مختار المخاتير

This song is from Mais El-Rim, a musical featuring Fairuz. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense without a context, so here is part of a synopsis from Fairouz.com.

On the way to attend her cousin's wedding in Kahloun, Zayoun's car breaks down near a village called Mais Elrim. The village is already tense because of the dispute between Na'man's family and Shahida's family. The reason is that Na'man and Shahida love eachother but their families don't agree on a marriage because of a 20 year old feud which the other villagers have also taken part by siding with either Na'man or Shahida's family. Zayoun wants to get to Kahloun as fast as she can because she's only a few hours away from the wedding. She also has her cousin's wedding dress. She looks for the mechanic, Na'man, to find out that he closed down the store because of a recent quarrel with Shahida. Zayoun decides to help by bringing the families together. She meets with Na'man's aunt who sounded pretty stubborn as to the feud. Zayoun plays along because she is in a hurry. But things don't work out as they should be. The heads of the two families, Raji and Hatem, meet and decide to fight eachother. It gets late and they postpone the fight to the next day. They each hire a bully so that to ensure the other one will get life beaten out of him. But Zayoun overhears the two bullies talking about the next day's fight and she tells the policeman about it who eventually arrests the two guys. Reja and Hatem both deny they hired anyone and they decide to take the dispute to the Mayor of Mayors. To Zayoun's shock, they all blame her for starting the troubles. She claims her innocence.

Thanks to Lalainya for the info.

To watch a video from the music, click this link. Unfortunately the owner has disabled embedding so I cannot present it here.

Fairuz - Oh Mayor of Mayors

Oh mayor of mayors I'll tell you a story
I don't really want to explain and I don't have any stake in it
I want you to let me go soon, oh mayor of mayors

Here there were angry people, what would I want from them?
I said I'll square things off with the lovers and their families got mad

They blamed me and said this nonsense
Whatever, whatever happens happens
And they left me with this story
Oh mayor of mayors

There was a fight and some people, all of them watching me
They brought me to you
It seems there is a trial, a an accused and a judge

فيروز - يا مختار المخاتير

يامختار المخاتير بحكيلك الحكاية
أنا مبحب الشرح كتير ولا في عندي غاية
بدي تفللني بكير, يامختار المخاتير

هِني كانوا زعلانين, أنا شو بدي فيهن
قلت براضي العشئانين, زعلوا أهاليهن

حطوا الحق عليّ, وآلو هالحشرية
يصطفلوا شو ماصار يصير
وخللي هالزير بهالبير
آه يامختار المخاتير

صار في خناء (خناق) وصار في ناس, كلّون شاهدوني
وكراكون وهيصة وحراس, لعندك جابوني
تاري في محاكم, وفي محكوم وحاكم

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