Star Academy - The Truth is Coming

ستار أكاديمي - جاية الحقيقة
Jayy el Haqiqa

The tune for this song may sound familiar to many of you. It is taken from the song 'Let the Sun Shine In' from the famous American musical entitled "Hair." You can see a clip from the 1979 film version of the musical featuring the same tune, albeit with radically different lyrics, right here.

Star Academy - The Truth is Coming

Where, where?
Is everything (the universe) going
Look at these people
They've become 101 different colors (countless colors)
And love has fled hiding their faces
There is never anything behind them
They march with time
Searching for a touch of compassion

The truth is coming
Coming to tell
Another story
The truth is coming
Look at it coming
It's coming, it's coming

Where, where?
Where has the compassion of the world been lost?
So many children in the dark of night
Who wants to protect them from the coldness of forgetting (in the sense of being abandoned)
Let's emerge from this night and search for freedom for the people
And tell the people

The truth is coming...

وين وين
ماشي الكون وشوفوا هل ناس
صاروا بمية لون ولون
والحب اللي هربان مخبه بوجوه وجوه
مافي خلفها أبدا شي عم تمشي بالزمان
عم بتدور علمسة حنان

جايي الحقيقه
جايي تحكي
غير حكايه
جايي الحقيقه
انطروها جايي
جايي جايي

وين وين
حنان العالم ضايع وين
أطفال بعتم الليل كتار كتار
مين اللي بده يحميهن من برد النسيان
يلا نطلع من هل ليل ندور حريه عالناس
ونقلن نقلن للناس

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