Bassam Bitar - By the Spring

بسام بيطار - حد العين
Hadd Al Ain

Bassam Bitar - By the Spring

I waited for you by the spring
And my daydream made our meeting more beautiful
But you broke your promise and didn't come
And wounded the heart that loves you
You broke your promise and didn't come
And you scorched my heart

And in my sleep I see you've come
And I dream that I'm living together with you

You didn't come when you were supposed to
Why didn't you come?
Why is your heart distancing itself from me?
Why have you become so cruel?

May the past refresh your memory if you're forgotten me
May your heart calm you down if you're upset

Oh, no no, I would have given my eye for you
And you've forgotten the one who loves you

I pray that God will bring us together and never drive us apart
If only you would live with me and we would never part

Wonderful days that we've lived, I haven't forgotten
And so many nights we stay up late together

Oh, no no, Good lord you're so beautiful

بسام بيطار - حد العين

حد العين انطرناكي
و الحلم يجمل ملقاكي
نسيتي الوعد و ما جيتي
و اجرحتي القلب اليهواكي

نسيتي الوعد و ما جيتي
كويتيلي قلبي كويتي

و بنومي عم شوفك جيتي
و احلم عايش انا و اياكي

ماجيتي ع الموعد .. ليش ما جيتي
ليش قلبك عم يبعد ... ليش قسيتي

خلي الماضي يصحيكي لو نسياني
خلي القلب يراضيكي لو زعلاني

يا با اوووووف برمش العين فديناكي
وانت نسيتي اللي بيهواكي

بدعي ل الله يجمعنا و لا يفرقنا
يا ريت تعيشي عنا و لا يفرقنا

ايام حلوة عشناها و ما مننساها
ياما ليالي سهرناها انا و اياها

يابا اووووووووووف اووف سبحان الله وما حلاكي

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