Bashar al-Shaty - You Started It

بشار شطي - انت البادي
Enta el Badi

The title "Anta al-Baadi" literally means "You are the initiator." It alludes to a proverb that we have also adopted in English that goes:

Al-3ayn bil-3ayn العين بالعين
was-sinn bis-sinn والسن بالسن
wal-baadi aZlam والبادي أظلم

It means "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and the initiator (he who started it) is most wrong (ie guilty).

Bashar al-Shaty - You Started It

Not a word nor a tears
Can make me come back to you
Not your love nor your presence
Can make me listen to you

You started it and he who starts it is most guilty
Live without me and try not to regret
No matter how much you distance from me I will never hurt
My life has become more merciful without you

You were my very first
You were my soul and my everyone
My heart hated you and turned harsh
Your love is the past
The past I've forgotten
I did not find satisfaction from you
And I've bought your absence with my lifetime
Don't try to come back to me regretting

بشار شطي - انت البادي

لا كلمة لا دمعة
تخلينى ارجع لك
لا حبك لا قربك
يخلينى اسمع لك
انت البادى والبادى اظلم
عيش بدونى وحاول ما تندم
مهما تبعد عمرى ما تالم
صارت حياتى من دونك ارحم
كنت الاول لى لاساسى
كنت روحى وكل ناسى
قلبي عافك صار قاسى
حبك ما ضى ماضى نسيتة
كافى منك ما لقية
وبعدك بعمرى شريتة
لا تحاول ترجع لى تندم

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