Amr Moustafa - I Touched You

عمرو مصطفى - لمستك

Amr Moustafa - I Touched You

I touched you and forgot about life
You are the one I dream to live with one day
And tonight is the beginning
Be with me
Tonight this my life has begun

We gotta live, come close to me
Let's go as far away as we can
We'll forget that which we've lose
And we'll live just for us
That's it, we've shown our feelings for each other (literally, what's inside us has been shown)

Why are you staring into space?
Yes, you're beside me and I'll live for you
My life, come closer to me
We'll live life even if it's two days

عمرو مصطفى - لمستك

لمستك نسيت الحياهوانت اللى بحلم اعيش يوم معاهوالليله هى البدايه وخليك معايادةعمرى الليله دى ابتدا
ولازم نعيش يللا قرب كمانتعالى حبيبى لأبعد مكانننسا اللى ضاع من ايدينا نعيش بس ليناخلاص اللى جوانا بان
سرحت بعيونك لفينايوة انت جمبى وهعيشلك سنينوحياتى قرب علييا يا عمري وعنيانعيش الحياه لو يومين

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