Ali Al Aisawy - I Swear on My House

علي العيساوي - وحق البيت
Wa Hagg al Beit

This version is comprised of just one verse of a much longer Iraqi folk song, and it's not even the first verse, so a lot of the context is lost I think.

Ali Al Aisawi - I Swear on My House

I swear on my house, my well, and my bones
I love you, and from the extent of my sadness my ligaments have metled
My skin trembles when I see you
And my bones shake if you just put your hand on me

علي العيساوي - وحق البيت

وحق البيت واليمة والعظام
احبك وبكثر حزني ولع ضام
يفز جلدي من شوفنك والعظام
ترجف بس تحط ايدك عليها


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