Alabina - I Saw You

Yo te Vi
Je t'ai vu

Alabina - I Saw You

I saw you, I saw you
I saw you by the way of the sun
And so since that day which I saw you
Love lives in my heart
I grew, I grew
and I grew with an restless sensation
And so the thing that I felt
Changed all the worst things

Oh my beautiful, oh my beautiful
Oh my beauty of the wonders
Oh rose, oh rose
Blooming among the gardens
In love, in love
His beauty keeps me up all night
He melted, melted my soul
With his beautiful eyes
With his beautiful eyes

Alabina - Yo te vi

Yo te vi yo te vi
Yo te vi por el camino de un sol
Y asi desde aquel dia en que te vi ahi
En mi corazon vive el amor
Yo cresi yo cresi
Y yo cresi con sentiemto agitador
Y asi la cosa en que yo senti
A cambiado todo lo peor

آه يا زين آه يا زين
آه يا زين العجبين
يا ورد يا ورد
انفتح بين البساتين
بالحب بالحب
جماله سهرني
دوب دوب لي روحي
بعيونه الحلوين
بعيونه الحلوين

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