Rotana, iTunes, and Shatha Hassoun #Walhana 2014 Album @ShathaHassoun

The Iraqi queen of pop and beloved pan Arab songster Shatha Hassoun is making ready to launch her new album. however before she will it, fans square measure inspired to buy her album here and also the album are going to be prepared for you, once formally discharged. The Rotana album is accessible for purchase on iTunes in an exceedingly preorder to beat up sales and obtain the fans prepared for an honest album.

Shatha Hassoun could be a savvy hit-maker WHO herbaceous plant in additional dialects than most Arab stars will, she is additionally an honest dancer, thespian and a wholesome soul whose songs square measure just about something she select them to be. i favor her music, she is aware of the way to choose the correct songs and each currently and so she will one thing totally different that either hits or misses. Consistent she is. accept this, in Iraqi she is home, however conjointly in Morocco--where her mother hails from. In urban center she works and thrives, and in Lebanon she works and spends lots of time. thus generally she could be a bridge.

 In different news Rotana simply discharged her latest music video that feels somewhat gypsy to Maine once more} again, the song is targeting the Gulf demographic WHO enjoys a special style in music and in makeup.

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