The Brightest Star Among Them All Is Balqees Fathi

Being a Yemeni woman, a gorgeous one too but waiting to sing is not a very conventional path. It's certainly not the path of least resistance. The daughter of a beloved composer did her first singing in her school, then a radio executive asked her to do a radio show Tarab style songs. She did and then things started to come her way when she met contemporary composer Fayez Al Said.

Her voice might be the most colorful among so many stars, she feels authentic, and her emotions seem sincere. You really cannot bluff your way through the songs she chooses to perform  she has the artistic chops to bring complex musical experiences.

She is a refined soul who doe snot fake her personality, if she has something to add, she does it. If not she doesn't try to be something she is really not. Now she she is a beloved star in the Gulf region, she has set sight on Lebanon--where she shoots music videos and has few friends.

Her youth and lean figure do wonders, but her first asset is her voice and her temperament  In few short years, she has organically claimed her spot in the pop scene. I love the poetic songs she gets to perform  And she is engaged and soon to be married Nayef Hazazy to one of the Saudi Arabia' finest soccer stars. She does confess to rotting for the UAE soccer team though.   

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