Majida el-Roumi - Adam and Eve ماجدة الرومي - آدم وحنان Adam wa Hanan

Majida el-Roumi - Adam and Eve

He was Adam and she was Eve
They saw their paradise with possibilities
They were two lovers
The heart's pulse and the light of the eye
The magic of their eyes gives life to hearts
And the smiles erase guilt
If one day they touched a rock
It would melt
They were coming from beyond the waves and seas
They encountered and crossed desert and fire
Adam embraced the Universe with Eve
Green appeared amongst the colors
And man became man

Eve whispered in the name of love:
Hold me, feel my presence
Give me your hand
Your immortality accompanies me
Take my heart with you in your ascent

Adam and Eve
They are the story of every couple
They were our laugh, and they became our tears
And they remain our candles in the pitch darkness
He was Adam and she was Eve
A dream of love for all time

ماجدة الرومي - آدم وحنان

آدم هو... وهي حنان
شافوا جنتهم بالإمكان
هما إثنين حبيبين
نبض القلب وضي العين
سحر عيونهم يحي قلوب
وإبتسامتهم تمحي ذنوب
لو يوم، لمسوا الصخر يدوب
جايين من ورا موج وبحار
واجهوا وعدوا صحرا ونار
آدم ضم الكون بحنان
ظهر الاخضر بالالوان
والإنسان أصبح إنسان
همست بإسم الحب حنان:
ضمني، حسسني بوجودي
هات إيدك يصاحبني خلودك
خذ قلبي وياك في صعودك
آدم وحنان:
هما حكاية كل اثنين
كانوا ضحكتنا، وصبحوا دموعنا
وبقوا في عز العتمة شموعنا
آدم هو وهي حنان
حلم الحب في كل زمان

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