Julia Boutros - Why? جوليا بطرس - على شو Ala Shou?

Julia Boutros - Why?

Why do you still love him?
Why Why?
Why are you walking on his path
Why, why?

Because of his looks? Or his charm? Or his thoughts? Or his mind?
Or perhaps because of the kindness of his heart?
Why, Why?
He doesn't see anyone in front of him and he has no concerns
Perhaps lost in his beauty or self-deluded
He forgets those who were before him
As if nobody could take his place
And he thinks he's ahead of his time
I'm asking you, why?
He spreads his ideas all over and the ideas are just madness
Everyone follow his news wherever he is
He doesn't think of anyone but himself
He does whatever he wants
And it doesn't concern him what they all say
What's your opinion, what?

جوليا بطرس - على شو

على شو بعدك بتحبه
على شو على شو
على شو ماشي على دربه
على شو على شو
على شكله على سحره على فكره على عقله
أو يمكن على رقة قلبه على شو على شو
مش شايف حدى قباله ولا ولا عنده هموم
ضايع يمكن بجماله وبحاله موهوم
ناسي يللي قبله كانوا ما حدى بياخد مكانه
ومفكر سابق زمانه دخلك على شو؟
عم بيوزع أفكاره والأفكار جنون
و الناس بتلحق أخباره مطرح ما بيكون
ما بيفكر إلا بحاله وبيعمل يللي على باله
ما بيهمه شو ما قالوا شو رأيك شو؟

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