Julia Boutros - The Sun of the Truth Has Set جوليا بطرس - غابت شمس الحق Ghabet Shems Al Haqq

Julia Boutros, under the influence of the politically infused music of Ziad Rahbani and others, began performing in the mid-1980s, during the (first) Israeli occupation of Southern Lebanon and the subsequent Lebanese Civil Wars. Although she is a Christian, as a Lebanese nationalist she has been a supporter of the resistance and Hezbollah in their role as defenders of the south, and in 2006, recorded a song for the families of those who died in the conflict with Israel, which raised over 3 million dollars for the families of victims and soldiers, both from the Lebanese forces and Hezbollah. This 1985 song is one of her many early nationalist songs that catapulted her to stardom in wartorn Lebanon, a call to the people of the South to rise up and stand strong against the Israeli occupying forces in order to reclaim the land for the greater Lebanese nation.

Julia Boutros - The Sun of the Truth Has Set

The sun of the truth has set and the dawn has become dusk
The face (literally, chest or front) of the east has split and the paths have closed off

We refuse to die
Tell them we shall remain
Your land, the homes and the downtrodden people
The South is ours, my beloved South

All of them, oh South, sold you empty words
Justice has been crucified and is bleeding peace
What concern of ours is war?
We will remain here
When the whole universe comes to an end
And not a drop of your soil will be missing, oh South

Never fear misfortune, oh South
The trials of war, the torment of deprivation
Despite everything that has happened
The home shall remain ours
And the laurel tree will once again bloom with pride upon your earth, oh South

جوليا بطرس - غابت شمس الحق

غابت شمس الحق وصار الفجر غروب
وصدر الشرق انشق تسكرت الدروب
منرفض نحنا نموت قولوا لهن رح نبقى
ارضك والبيوت والشعب ال عم يشقى
هو النا يا جنوب يا حبيبي يا جنوب

كلهن يا جنوب باعوك الكلام
والعدل مصلوب عم ينزف السلام
شو همنا الحروب
رح نبقى نحن هون ويفنى كل الكون
ولا ينقص حبة بترابك يا جنوب

ما تخاف يا جنوب من غدر الزمان
من ويل الحروب من لوعة الحرمان
مع كل الي صار
رح تبقى النا الدار ويرجع شجر الغار
يزهر كرامة بارضك يا جنوب

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