Jannat - Your Heart Called Me جنات - قلبك ناداني Albak Nadani

Ganat - Your Heart Called Me

I've rediscovered the meaning of life here
You ended my sadness with a touch of your hands
And your love has no limits
You are everyone and everything that exists

Your heart called me
I answered it
It told me "I love you"
What do I say?

He came closer and took me
And in spite of myself I found myself melting in his arms
Why am I telling you?
Your love is in my heart
You live in my heart and you awakened passion and love
My darling how can I hide (my feelings)
When I've hid for years
In order to stay with you
I forgot everything else around me

جنات - قلبك ناداني

أنا عرفت معنى الحياة من تانى هنا نهيت بلمسه ايديك احزانى وهواك مالوش حدود انت الناس والوجود

قلبك نادانى رديت عليه قالى بحبك اقوله ايه ؟
قلبك نادانى رديت عليه قالى بحبك هقوله ايه ؟

قرب وخادنى وغصب عنى لقتنى دايبة مابين ايديه بقولك ليه هواك فى القلب ياساكن جوة قلبى وصحيت الغرام والحب حبيبى ازاى اخبى وخبيت السنين والعمر عشان افضل معاك معاااااااااااااك نسيت كل الى جمب

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