Hussain Al-Jasmi - Justice حسين الجسمي - العدالة El Aadala

Hussein Al Jasmy - Justice

Oppression in the world is the enemy of justice
And goodness always asks evil what for
Man with his actions or with his money
What good is money if everyone is wronged
This time doesn't know what is before it
And no one is aware of what is hidden
Everyone carries a message in his or her life
God created this universe with the greatest purpose
God is the omnipotent and no one is equal
Oh how weak we are before the lord his majesty
If everyone one were asked about that which he is worth

حسين الجسمي - العدالة

الظلم في الدنيا عدو العداله
و الخير يسأل دايم الشر وش فيه
الانسان بافعاله ولا هو بماله
وش فايدة ماله اذا الكل جافيه
هذا الزمن مايعرف اللي قباله
ومافيه احد يدري وش اللي مخبيه
كل شخص يحمل في حياته رساله
ياتعتلي به فوق والا توطيه
الله خلق هالكون اكبر دلاله
ان القوي الله ولا حد يساويه
ياضعفنا قدام رب الجلاله
اذا إنسأل كل ٍ عن اللي يسويه
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