Ehab Tawfiq - His Eyes Melted Me - ايهاب توفيق - دوبوني عينيه

Dawwabony Aynee

Ehab Tawfiq - His Eyes Melted Me

Oh his eyes have melted me
My heart became inclined towards him
What can I do?
Oh the nights
My heart has lived dreaming of his love

Ah when his eyes met mine
It was as if he was my destiny
And I had lived my life to meet him
Ah my heart I love him
He lives in my mind my night and day
And it's as if before our hearts met
No matter what I encounter since then
I could never forget his love

My heart greeted him and called him
His love and his glance melted me with him
And I began to love him
I swear I can't forget him

When when I am with him do I forget
My soul is with him and my heart was waiting for him
And what else would I wish for
Ah when he comes close to me I find his love reassures me
And if I had to I would give him my soul
I adore his the glance of his eyes and his words preoccupy my heart
And I die for his passion
And every day my love grows
There is no one for me but him the beloved of my heart
My life began again with his love

ايهاب توفيق - دوبوني عينيه

أه دوبونى عنيه مال قلبى وأعمل أيه أه من ليالى هواه عاش قلبى يحلم بيه
أه لما عنيه جات فى عنيه كانه كان مكتوب ليا وعمرى عشته عشان القاه
أه من قلبى بحبه وشارى ساكن بالى ليلى ونهارى
وكانى من قبل مقابله قلبى وقلبه ياما أتقابله من يومها مقدرتش أنسى هواه

قلبى سلمله ونداه حبه دوبنى وياه ونظره وأبتديت أهواه والله مقدرش أنساه
ليه لما أكون وياه ليه بنسى روحى معاه كان قلبى مستنيه وأيه تانى أتمناه
أه ولما بيقرب منى بلاقى حبه يطمنى ولو عليا أنا روحى فداه
عاشق نظره عنيه وكلامه شاغل قلبى وبموت فى غرامه وكل يوم بيزيد حبى ولا ليا غيره حبيب قلبى أنا والله عمرى أبتدى بهواه

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