Ishtar - Wanderer

حبيبي سواح
Habibi Sawwah

The Arabic lyrics to this song are taken from the hugely famous Abdel Halim Hafez song called "Sawwah" also available on the site here. I've seen "sawwah" translated as vagabond, but I'm gonna use wanderer because vagabond has negative connotations that I don't think are intended. Plus, there's that American oldies song "I'm a wanderer" that has kind of the same meaning. The word is inteded to convey the idea of someone who wanders or roams around, which a vagabond does, but vagabonds have a reputation for being beggars or thieves or having other negative attributes. Although they bastardized the song completely, it's done in a way that appeals to a young Western audience. I haven't managed to list the lyrics to the French rap in the middle of the song but would like to!


Alabina - A wanderer

A wanderer, and I'm walking in the nights
A wanderer, and I don't know what's going on with me
Left wandering because of the separation, my precious
A wanderer, what has happened to me?
Years and I've been melting in desire and nostalgia
I just wanna know the way to him
And if you run into him say Hi to him for me
Reassure me of how my man is doing so far from home

سواح - Alabina

سواح وانا ماشي الليالي
سواح ولا داري بحالي
سواح من الفرقة يا غالي
سواح ايه اللي جرى لي؟
وسنين وانا دايب بشوق وحنين
عايزة اعرف بس طريقه منين
وان لقاكم سلاموا لي عليه
طمنوني اسمراني عامل ايه الغربة فيه

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