Dana - The Metro - المترو

This song gives some mention to Cairo geography.

Dana - The Metro

He's the one who called out to me in the metro
I saw him and he loved me in the metro
By al-Khalfawi I spoke to him and at Saint Theresa I drove him crazy
And this all happened to me in the metro

At the threshold take me and go with me
We get off from at a stop and enter again
He said the shortness of my dress didn't please him
But the mini skirt I was wearing blew his mind

At Shubra we went and my brother saw me, oh my ruin
He'll tell my father and sisters
And it's my fault that I love him

He's making me lost and I'm lost in his black eyes and I'm totally lost
Oh love make us forget that we are among other people
There I was waiting for him at Bunha and I found him
Here I am bomba oh his wickedness

دانا - المترو

هو اللي نداني في المترو
شفته وهواني في المترو
عند الخلفاوي كلمته وفي سنت تريسه جننته
وده كله حصللي في المترو

في العتبة خدني و وداني نطلع من حارة ندخل تاني
قال مش عاجبه قصر فستاني وميني جوب جابلي يخرب عقله

على شبرة رحنا كعابي واخويا شافني يا خرابي
ح يقول لابويا واخواتي و انا ذنبي ان كنت بحبه

توهني وتهت في عيونه السودة انا تهت خلاص
ويالهوي الحب نسانا ان احنا في وسط الناس
اداني معاد واستنيته على بنها جاني ولقيته
اداني بومبا اه يا خبته

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