Cheb Khaled - Why Do You Blame Me? - علاش تلوموني؟

This song was originally written and perform by Ahmad Wahby. I'm not sure about the last line.
Cheb Khaled - Why Do You Blame Me?

Why do you blame me?
Why do you blame me?
And you forced me, you forced me
You forced me
For her sake I could not, could not
Could not transfer my first love
Oh my lord

No no no

The loves did not stay
The loves did not stay
They have no secrets
Live alone young man
Live and leave them alone

Ah and they blame me
They blame me
And they blame me for her sake

Oh lord give me patience and guidance the truth
Over he who has wronged me
Oh lord

The lover is without blame
And the lover is destined to love, oh night

And that which cauterized him
And cauterized him with its fire
What cauterized him with its fire?

The doctor that is soothed by medication does not remedy

شاب خالد - علاش تلوموني؟

علاش تلوموني.... علاش تلوموني
علاش تلوموني قلبي بغاها... ايييه
و اكرهتوني... اااه و اكرهتوني... و اكرهتوني
على اجلها ما نقدرش... ما نقدرش
ما نقدرش نحوّل حبي الاول
ااااه يا ربي


ما بقوش الاحباب
ما بقوش الاحباب
لا سر معاهم
عيش وحدك يا شاب
عيش و خليهم

اااه و يلوموني
و يلوموني
و يلوموني على اجلها

يا ربي صبرني و قود الحق
على اللي ظلمني... ياااه يا ربي

العاشق لا يلام لا يلام
و الحب على العاشق مقدر يا ليلي

و اللي كواه
و اللي كواه بناره
اييه اللي كواه بناره

ما يجبر الطبيب لدواه يتجبر يا ليلي

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