Adonis Aqel - Shiki Shiki Baba

أدونيس عقل - شيكي شيكي بابا
Shiky Shiky Baba

This song takes up the topic of not being to marry a girl because you have no money and hence going away to work in the Gulf for a few years to save money to buy her a house and win her hand from her family. The song is sung in a sort of Gulf dialect, and the first like "shiki shiki baba" doesn't really seem to mean anything, but it's just something that sounds "Gulfy" especially to a Lebanese audience I guess.

Adonis Aqel - Shiki Shiki Baba

Shiki shiki baba
Ayni ayni yaba
Your family doesn't want me
They said I'm poor, oh god

I'll go to Saudi Arabia
And work and get you, my girl
I ask that you stay true to me
You're my heart and soul

The girl

You're my soul when you calm me down
You're my heart when you make me crazy
You're my hope and joy
I don't want anyone but you

I'll use my imagination
Obligated to wander in the deserts
There I sing of my love
And they console me

The girl

C'mon my love
What's wrong with you, why are you crying
I just ask you to stay true to me
And says hi to the people of Mecca for me

أدونيس عقل - شكي شكي بابا

شكي شكي بابا
عيني عيني يابا
اهلك ما يريدوني
قالوا فقير يابا

وانا لروح ع سعوديي
واعمل واخدك يا بنية
رجائي تحفظي عهدي
انت يا روح عيني

انت روحي ومهدي فيي
انت قليبي ومقلي فيي
انت أملي وفرحتي
وما أبغي غيرك يابا

واني لعمل خيالي
وجوبك دور الصحارى
فيها أنشد غرامي
وهي تواسيني يابا

بالله يا حبي
عيوني مالك تبكي
وصيتي تحفظ عهدي
وسلم على أهالي مكة

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